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Beverages E-Liquid

Our beverage e-liquids are great for those of you who are partial to the odd brew here and there, whether that’s a strong Coffee, a can of fizzy Cola or even a neck-grinding glass of manly Rum – we have ’em all here.

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  • This Cola e-liquid by Jacks is based upon the popular fizzy drink that the world can’t get enough of. This one is all flavour and no sugar, though, but it certainly feels like a treat when you vape it.

    Made in the UK and exceeds the EU’s TPD directive which makes it one of the safest e-liquids on the market today. Diacetyl Free.

    BUY 4 BOTTLES FOR £13.99 inc. FREE DELIVERY (save £2)

  • Our cherry cola e-liquid combines the world's favourite fizzy beverage with one of the most unique and delicious fruits to deliver the ultimate mouth-watering e-liquid. Take a sip!

    GET 4 BOTTLES FOR £11.99 inc. FREE DELIVERY (save £2)

  • Get a taste of the perfect Mojito cocktail through your e-cigarette with this delicious e-liquid which combines 5 mouth-watering ingredients including white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint to create a perfectly refreshing juice. Go on! ;)

    GET 4 BOTTLES FOR £11.99 inc. FREE DELIVERY (save £2)

  • Our Energy Drink E-Liquid is a great favourite among those who love their energy drinks such as Monster Energy. This e-liquid has a real energy drink taste although it’s not bad for you.

  • Try our hazelnut coffee e-liquid today.

  • Our refreshing Cola E-Liquid really does make for a great vape. No fizz, no calories, but every bit like your favourite cola brands. There's a reason this is such a popular e-juice – it just tastes so good.

  • With our famous Coffee E-Liquid you can enjoy a rich coffee bean taste without the risk of crashing afterwards due to consuming so much caffeine. Give it a try!

  • Our Whisky E-Liquid isn’t for everyone but for those who enjoy the harsher taste from an alcoholic beverage then our Rum e-juice is definitely for you.

  • Not sure which flavours to pick? Order this surprise 5 e-liquid pack and we'll send you 5 random super tasty e-liquid juices; 1 tobacco, 1 fruit, 1 mint or menthol, 1 beverage and 1 sweet. Grab one!

    This deal saves you £2.46! (50p off each bottle)

Beverage E-Liquid by Hangsen

Our beverage e-liquids have proved very popular here at the E-Liquid UK Store because, well, us British folk love a good brew (or 10) don’t we? If you enjoy your Coffee like most of us do then we’ve got you covered, same with your Mocha and alcoholic drinks such as Brandy, Rum and Whisky. If fizzy drinks are more your thing, though, we do also have energy drink and cola juices to keep you happy, too. What a way to vape!

You can buy your favourite beverage liquids in 10ml and 20ml bottles and also in a range of different strengths to suit your individual needs. We only sell genuine Hangsen – our taste and prices can’t be matched.

Showing all 9 results