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  • Innokin iClear 16 Dual Coil Atomizer Heads – spare heads to go with the iClear 16 Dual Coil Clearomiser. Buy in a 5 pack for just £2 each.

  • The Innokin Endura T18 & T22 Coils 1.5 ohm (5 Pack) is a pack of five replacement coils for the Prism tank used in the Endura T18 and also in the Endure T22 e-cigarette kit.

  • The Innokin iClear 16 dual coil clearomizer is fully rebuildable with a replaceable atomizer. It boasts 1.6ml e-liquid capacity, 2.0 Omh resistance, 4 wicks and a dual coil system that provides an outstanding throat hit and solid performance.


  • Grab yourself a new eGo Battery if your current one has died or if you simply need a spare one to carry about. Our eGo batteries usually have a lifespan of around 400 charges or so.

  • Every so often you’ll need to replace the atomiser within your E-Cigarette, this atomiser is for the CE5+ clearomizer.

    This atomiser is meant for use with the CE5+ clearomizer and is not made for the standard, sealed CE5.

    Click Here to see how to change the atomiser in a CE5+ Electronic Cigarette

  • Express charge! Get a 900mAh battery fully charged in around 2hrs with this charger. It’s made for batteries over 650mAh, so don’t try on anything smaller as you’ll damage the batteries.

  • Add a little extra speed to charging your battery with our USB mains adapter. Decreases charge time by at least 50%.


    Using this USB plug will save time when charging your Electronic Cigarette. You’ll find it’ll work upto 50% faster than plugging it into your PC or a similar device.

  • Great if you’re on the move. This way you’ll never run out of battery. Turn your Cigarette lighter socket into a much needed power supply! Extra bonus… You can plug your phone into this too!

  • Having this little gadget allows you to plug in your E-Cigarette at any USB port. It will give you endless opportunities to get your E-Cig back to work!


Showing all 9 results