What is E-Liquid?


Also known as: E-Juice, E-Cig Liquid, Vaping Juice and Liquid Nicotine.

Electronic Cigarettes, both pre-filled and those which use a tank (refill) system, require E-Liquid to produce the inhaled vapour and provide the Nicotine hit to your body when smoking, or vaping, if you’d prefer.

E-Liquid can be purchased in a range of different sizes, strengths and flavours – the most popular size and strength combination is 24mg (strength) and 10ml (size), and the most popular flavours are currently: Tobacco, Golden Virginia, Blueberry and Apple, although there are hundreds of other flavours available.

What’s in E-Liquid?

E-Liquid is usually made up of three key ingredients, or components, which are:

1. Nicotine

Nicotine is the major stimulant in cigarettes which we become addicted to – our bodies usually become accustom to receiving this on a frighteningly frequent basis, but fortunately using an e-cigarette with e-liquid is going to be much less damaging to your body over the long-term compared to traditional cigarettes.

2. Flavouring

On its own, Nicotine has no real taste or smell – flavours need to be added in order to make it more enjoyable to inhale. Flavours also help to keep vaping fun and interesting when you’re craving a traditional cigarette.

We have a large and diverse range of Hangsen liquids which are available in many tasty flavours that will most definitely tickle your taste buds before they hit your chest and stimulate your senses. You can also do it yourself and create your own flavours, but we wouldn’t advise the DIY kits for the younger vapers.

3. Diluents

Flavouring and Nicotine are just a small part of the liquid that you vape with – the rest of the liquid that fills out your 10ml or 20ml bottle is a thinning agent, or dilutant, which is used to create the correct strength.

These fillers are also used to create vapour and carry the nicotine to the body when smoking.

Who makes E-Liquid?

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