Wrong Vaping

Vaping at the beginning can be a challenge for some. Vaping is like a form of art that you need to get used to. If you are unsatisfied with your vaping experience, you may be making several rookie mistakes. It’s important to ask yourself, “am I doing this right?” once in a while. Here is a helpful list of telltale signs that you don’t know how to vape:

You Don’t Take a “Prime Puff”

Do you begin vaping with a long draw or a big puff? This is not the correct technique. If you want your vaping experience to be any good, you need to take a prime puff. Meaning, you start your session by taking four or five quick puffs in a row. However, you do not inhale the vapour. This process gets your device warm and ready for a satisfying session.

You Draw Vapes in Too Quick

If you inhale your vapour too quickly, and exhale similarly, you are not vaping. You will not “feel” it. After you have taken the prime puffs, inhale slowly and steadily so the vapour fills your mouth. Don’t take short, quick hits soon after taking the prime puffs. Slow drags will allow you to taste the flavour and enjoy the experience.

You are a Chain Vaper

If you don’t take a break after 3 to 7 drags, then you are a chain vaper. Chain vaping can easily ruin the experience. It’s particularly hard on your device. You need to allow your device to cool when you have taken 10 draws max. If you take more than 10 drags in one go, you might have to change the cartridge so the vape juice can resaturate the wick.

You Hold Down the Atomiser Button for Too Long

Holding down the atomiser button for longer than 5 seconds is a common rookie mistake. You don’t need to do this to heat up your device. Holding it down for one or two seconds is usually enough to get it hot. If you hold down the atomiser button for longer than 5 seconds, you risk your device getting overheated. If that happens, the vape juice would lose the flavour and the risk of an explosion increases.

You Often Get a Burnt Hair Smell When You Vape

If you keep vaping for a long time and get a burnt hair smell and a disgusting taste from the vapour, then the e-liquid has overheated. This can happen when you don’t take breaks, as explained above, and also when you keep holding the atomiser button down. Treat your vaping device more gently than this. Hold it down just long enough, and let it cool during sessions.

Your E-Cigs Keep Overheating

You could be making several mistakes that cause your device to overheat frequently. One of the big mistakes rookies make is allowing the device to charge for extended periods of time. Once your e-cig is fully charged, unplug it. Don’t leave it plugged in all night. Also, use the original charger that came with the device.

You are Always Thirsty or Have a Dry Mouth

Vaping frequently can lead to dehydration and issues like dry mouth. If you experience these conditions, then you are not drinking enough water. Drink plenty of water before and after sessions to alleviate these symptoms.

You are Never Satisfied

If you use nicotine e-liquids, and if you are never satisfied, that means your technique is wrong. Hold the vapor in your mouth from 3 to 5 seconds to allow your body to absorb the nicotine. It’s best absorbed though the mucous membrane in the oral cavity. Also, don’t be in a rush. Allow about half a minute to let the effects kick in.

If you experience any of the signs above, immediately heed instructions given to correct what you are doing wrong.