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Hollywood throughout the fifties to the late sixties prominently features scenes of smoking. Men smoked while discussing major plot points in hotel lounges. Couples lit up after sex scenes. Casual smoking scenes were so prevalent to make the activity look cool. Once the government began to tightly regulate tobacco advertising, smoking all but disappeared from Hollywood (except in a few historical dramas).

Instead of smoking, now actors are vaping in movies if the occasion calls for it. Everyone has seen Leo vape away at the Academy Awards. Sooner rather than later, he might begin vaping in movies as well. If you are a vaping enthusiast, it’s definitely exciting to see a favourite actor or a director featuring your favourite activity in a movie or a TV show.

Without further ado, let’s go to the list of some of the most notable vape scenes in recent movies and television shows:


Neighbors is a raunchy comedy by the controversial yet beloved Seth Rogen. This movie features just about every hard partying activity including pot smoking, hard drinking and semi-nude dancing. In one scene, star Zac Efron is seen vaping as a cool frat boy. Some vapers might not like vaping being featured alongside excessive alcohol consumption.

2 Broke Girls

In this comedy featuring, well, two broke girls, there’s an entire opening sequence of a diner full of hipster vapers. The titular characters work as waitresses. When a group of hipsters show up at the diner and light up their iTaste MVPs (or devices like it), the manager is not at all happy. But one of the waitresses is also a frequent vaper. A character is also introduced with an e-cig in hand. Vaping has yet to go mainstream in America as it has in countries like the UK, hence the hipster vapers.

The Lazarus Effect

(Warning: Spoiler alerts ahead.) The Lazarus Effect is a horror movie about a group of medical students who discover a way to bring dead patients back to life. This is a horror movie, so things soon go sideways in a very bloody way. One of the characters played by Evan Peters is killed by an e-cigarette. He is killed off when a Blu Cigalik is jammed down his throat, telekinetically! The rest of the movie is terrible, as this scene suggests. But this is definitely one of the most unique ways e-cigs have been shown in movies.

Drive Hard

Vaping is prominently featured in this movie thanks to e-cig evangelist John Cusack. In this crime thriller, Cusack is seen vaping or holding an eGo Twist e-cig in most scenes. Ironically enough, the movie is set and was shot in parts in Australia, a country that limits vaping if e-liquids contain nicotine. This is hardly the only movie Cusack is seen vaping in. He has vaped in Maps to the Stars and also the film Reclaim as well. Cusack is one of the few Hollywood stars featuring vaping in the spotlight positively or as a normal activity.

The Tourist

As Ricky Gervais pointed out at the Golden Globes in 2011, no one has seen The Tourist. So you may have missed this one. The movie has a scene where the star, Johnny Depp, is seen vaping while on a train chatting with co-star Angeline Jolie. Though not memorable, this is regarded as one of the first movies to significantly show vaping.

And the most memorable and controversial vaping scene in Hollywood belongs to House of Cards, which has a scene where Kevin Spacey vapes an e-cig and proclaims “addiction without the consequences.” Vapers who are also fans of the show are still debating whether that put vaping in a good light or a bad light.