Public Vaping

Vaping in public is not as taboo as it once was. Most of the general public now understands that vaping is not the same as smoking. Yet, public vaping has not gotten the same acknowledgement as smoking has. Smoking in public is banned and is limited to certain designated areas. No similar rules apply for vaping yet. So does that mean it’s okay to vape in public? Can you do it? Here are some of the things we have discovered that happens when you being to vape in public:

Everyone Stares

Vaping may be increasing rapidly in Britain, the U.S. and elsewhere, but there are still significant numbers of people who don’t know what it is. Even if they might know, people tend to stare at vapers. The various e-cigarette devices can particularly trigger unwanted gawking. When people see “smoke” coming out of your mouth and nostrils, but no cigarette, they instantly become curious.

A Police Officer Might Come Near You

Even if the first five to ten minutes of vaping in public goes well, sooner or later a police officer or an authoritative figure will approach you. They will want to know why you are smoking in a prohibited area. Then you end up having to explain that you are vaping and not smoking. Some officers understand and walk away. Others get curious and start asking questions. Most authoritative figures tend to equate vaping to smoking and ask you not to do it.

Some Might File Complaints against You

If you vape in a public park or a similar area, even if there are no “no vaping” signs, people might file complaints against you. That’s because there are segments of the public that are still ignorant of facts about vaping. If you are a frequent vaper at a certain area, it’s easy for people to recognise you and file a complaint.

Other Vapers Try to Approach You

If you are vaping at a public park, lounge, or even near a jogging track, something interesting happens. Other vapers approach you. Let’s see: if you see another vaper puffing away when you are not, wouldn’t you at least acknowledge them? Some vapers might try to get close to you to know you as a member of the close-knit vaping community. Other vapers also feel as lonely and ostracised as you, so it’s always nice to have company.

Kids Stare

Kids, unlike adults, have no qualms about staring. If you vape in public, they will certainly point at you and ask their parents about “that weird person.” Children are naturally curious. If you are sporting a notable e-cig, the gadget will attract the little ones’ attention. Teenagers are not any better either. Some might even try to approach you to ask you about what you are doing and whether they can too. If this happens, walk away and don’t try to chat up a teen.

Parents Try to Lecture You

When the kids stare, parents stare too. Parents are particularly sensitive about their children being exposed to activities like vaping. Many are genuinely concerned that your vaping could lead to a smoking or vaping habit in their children. So, if you vape where kids or teens gather, be prepared to face the parents as well. Some might approach you and try to lecture you regarding public decency and family values. Walk away.

When you vape in public, it’s important to follow the rules. Make sure that the location you have chosen is appropriate for vaping. As a rule of thumb, do not vape where kids or teens can see you. That means the family playground is not the place for daddy to take out the favourite box e-cig. Try to vape only if the place is okay with smoking as well.