addicted vaping

E-cigarette use in recent times has been hailed as a great step to take towards quitting smoking once and for all. Public health officials say that people can reduce the risk for cancer and heart disease by vaping because the activity is 95 percent less harmful than smoking tobacco. Millions of smokers therefore are now switching to vaping. However, vaping has a downside as well.

One of the biggest arguments made against e-cigarettes is that vaping is also an addiction just like smoking. Though e-cigs do not necessarily contain addictive chemicals like nicotine, it is possible to get addicted to vaping. If you are concerned, here are several signs that you are addicted to vaping:

1.    You Find Yourself Craving Your E-Cig

If you were a smoker, you know what craving is. Do you spend hours of the day craving for your e-cig like you used to do for smokes? Then that is a sure sign you are addicted. If you experience cravings, you must immediately seek help.

2.    You Spend Significant Times of the Day Vaping

Do you spend your afternoons or most hours of the weekend vaping? This could include solitary vaping as well as vaping-related activities such as participating in competitions or attending events where vaping is okay. You should not spend more than an hour a day vaping.

3.    You are Vaping Two or More Times Nicotine than Usual

Some e-liquids contain nicotine and some do not. However, if you find yourself constantly buying vape juices with high concentrations of nicotine, then you are most likely addicted to this chemical. Some vape juices can deliver nicotine in doses per puff double or triple that of an actual cigarette. Nicotine addiction is a dangerous drug addiction. You must immediately seek medical help if this is the case.

4.    You Find Yourself Buying E-Liquid Quite Often

If you find yourself constantly making trips to the local vape shops to buy e-liquids, that means you are vaping way more than you should. A single vape juice container should ideally last as long as the manufacturer claims it lasts. If you have vaped through a container in two or three days, then you have a problem.

5.    You Leave the House with an E-Cigarette

You never leave the house without one of your e-cig devices. You always have an e-cig in your pocket, purse or somewhere on your person. Why? Because you can’t bear to part with your e-cig. These are classic signs of addiction.

6.    You Constantly Check Your Vaping Devices

You may be a clean freak or you obsessively check your vaping devices for cleaning and fixing. It could also be that you are an addict. It’s easy to make up an excuse like cleaning to have your vape device near you. Once you are done with the three-minute cleaning, you are puffing away. That’s addiction.

7.    You Simply Cannot Not Vape

Everything boils down to the one simple fact that you simply cannot live your life without vaping. You may not be able to get through the day without vaping after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even if you try, you are unable to let go of your vaping device. You may recognise the symptoms if you were ever addicted to tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping may provide health benefits against smoking, but none of it will matter if you become addicted to the activity. The psychological effects of addiction are serious. Also, you are probably putting your health at risk once more by vaping excessively. If you experience at least one of the above signs, it’s time to seek help. Call the same groups that help smokers quit; the process will be similar.