The e-liquid flavour you choose can largely define the vaping experience for you. For most people, it’s the vape juice flavour that creates the kick of vaping.

The e-liquid, or vape juice, is what creates the lovely smoke clouds when you vape. The vape juice is basically a water and glycol concoction intended to vaporise when heated. E-cig manufacturers add nicotine and flavourings to make vape juice quite delicious for the senses.

When vaping first became a thing, vape juice was mainly flavoured with tobacco or conventional tastes like mint. As vaping has risen in popularity, the vape juice industry has gotten more innovative than ever. Now dedicated vapers can buy flavours ranging from chocolate to Mother’s Milk to F*** ISIS (a combination of strawberry and peach flavours, for real). Some experimental flavours try to recreate the taste of cereal, junk food, and even gourmet wine.

Not every vape juice flavour out there is as delectable as it claims to be. Some conventional tastes like strawberry may stand the taste buds of many. Others, like unicorn blood, not so much. You are not a dedicated vaper until you have tried at least one disgusting e-liquid flavour. Here is a list of some of the most notorious e-liquid flavours available on the market:

MBV’s Green Tea

If there were ever a contest for the worst vape juice flavour, MBV’s Green Tea would most likely take the first prize. No vaper can tell if this juice actually tastes like green tea or not. That’s because no one could hold it in long enough to tell. MBV’s Green Tea has been claimed to taste like a “horse’s ass”, “glue”, and “vomit.” One user on Reddit claimed to want to shove acid down his throat after trying this flavour. If that doesn’t indicate bad, nothing will.

Stoned Smurf by Alien Vapor

Alien Vapor is known as the headquarters of all weed-flavoured e-liquids. However, they may have gone overboard with this one. The Stoned Smurf is no Wacky Tobacky. It’s way, way worse. The taste is a combination of two of the most unmatched flavours on the planet: marijuana and blue raspberry. Some things are never meant to be together, and Stoned Smurf is the best evidence there is to back this claim.

Not-Cho Cheese Fauxritos by Apollo

Nacho cheese may taste great when it’s potato chips that come in this flavour. But nacho cheese flavoured vape juice? It’s as bad as it sounds. Imagine if the nacho cheese was left out in a damp room for five or six years. Then it would probably taste like this e-liquid flavour.

Pumpkin Pie

Who doesn’t love some pumpkin pie, especially on holidays? This vape juice flavour just proves that not everything tastes and feels great with a pumpkin pie flavouring. Most pumpkin pie vape juices are either too sweet or too tangy, possibly the result of a misguided attempt to add some spice to the pumpkin.

Fruity Fun Cereal by Southbeach Smoke

Who wouldn’t love vape liquid that tastes like Fruit Loops in the morning? If you have ever actually been a Fruit Loops fan, or of taste in general, stay away from this abominable concoction. It doesn’t taste anything like actual fruity cereal. In fact, it doesn’t even come close to the real thing. If you like your Fruit Loops in rotten milk, then perhaps this is the vape juice flavour for you.

The Elvis by Firebrand

A banana and bacon vape juice that is supposed to taste like Elvis? No. Just no.

Yes, there are some frankly weird e-liquid flavours out there. So, try to vape these at your own discretion.