Vaping has its perks, and also its own little annoying problems. If you are a dedicated vaper, you know that all vaping sessions don’t always go according to plan. Caveats along the way are normal. Vaping devices, the e-cigarettes, are still in development. So it’s normal to encounter problems along the way.

Like many fun activities, there are a host of problems all vapers can relate to. These problems, other than being occasionally annoying, do bring the vaping community together. So let’s look at some common vaping problems and possible fixes for them:

1.    Brown Urine and Being Thirsty All the Time

After a long vaping session, it’s not unusual for vapers to suffer from symptoms of dehydration the following day. If you vape regularly, you might notice that your urine is unusually brown. Your tongue might also feel like sandpaper. You could feel thirsty more than usual. The glycol in your vape juice can cause dehydration in many vapers. So, if you vape, remember to drink plenty of liquids. Drink more water than you usually do. Even if you don’t “feel” dehydrated, drink water just to be safe.

2.    Smelling Like Candy

One of the biggest perks of vaping is that you don’t stink of tobacco anymore. Vape clouds do not carry a distinctive stench like cigarette smoke does. However, some vapers may notice that their clothes suddenly smell sickly sweet. This is because of the vape juice flavour you use. Some e-liquid flavours are strong and can leave your clothes smelling like peach and cinnamon. If this annoys you, switch to a nondescript flavour like mint.

3.    Dry Mouth and Bad Breath

The glycol and nicotine in vape juice is a vasoconstrictor. Meaning, it’s a chemical that narrows blood vessels. This can limit saliva production in the mouth and lead to the aforementioned dehydration. Therefore, vapers might experience dry mouth symptoms. This is bad. If your oral cavity cannot produce enough saliva, it can lead to gum disease and cavities. So, drink water and take the necessary precautions to avoid dry mouth. Also, don’t forget to visit your dentist at least once a month to get expert medical advice for your dry mouth problem. If possible, avoid vape juices with nicotine to reduce the severity of dry mouth.

4.    Smelling Like Burnt Hair

After vaping for some time, your device could start emitting a strong smell like burnt hair. If this is the case, you are overheating the device to a dangerous level. When vape devices are overheated, it produces a dry puff containing formaldehyde. So, don’t get too caught up in the moment and increase the heat settings to the maximum. Buy a new device that prevents you from doing this accidentally.

5.    There’s No Airflow

Some vapers experience limited airflow. This is a common problem with e-cigs with coils. Sometimes little pieces of cotton and other material can get stuck in the coil and limit the airflow. Don’t let things get stuck in your e-cig device in this manner. It could put added pressure on your device and severely damage it. Therefore, always make sure that the coil and the clearomizer are clear of any foreign objects. Make it a habit to keep your e-cig clean on a regular basis.

6.    Vape Clouds are Not as Big as in the Advertisements

Some vapers get worried because their devices cannot product the vape clouds they see in cloud chasing competitions and ads. Well, be aware that it takes a lot of professional tweaks to regular vaping devices to make clouds as big as in the advertisements. However, if your vape clouds are getting smaller and smaller, check the battery and the level of e-liquid.

So, which of the above problems can you relate to as a vaper?