Rookie Mistakes

Vaping is rising in popularity. The public perception of vaping hinges between the good and the bad right now. Therefore, it’s important for genuine vapers to be on their best behaviour. If vaping is seen as a public nuisance because of bad behaviour, the authorities could ban it everywhere. Therefore, dedicated vapers should know to puff without being a hassle to others.

Here is a list of douchebag habits that make vapers look bad to the public (and should be avoided at all costs):

Vaping Where It’s Explicitly Prohibited

This one is self-explanatory. Do not vape if there’s a giant red sign telling you not to. It’s as bad as smoking where it’s not allowed. Not only will you give all vapers a bad name, but you could possibly get arrested for violating the law. In addition, you could be reinforcing stereotypes of vapers by not following a simple rule. Some segments of the public think that vapers are lazy hippies with no care for the mores of society. Don’t do things like vaping when not allowed, or you will feed such baseless beliefs.

Vaping Near Kids or Teens

Vapers are well aware of new regulations regarding vaping in public places. These regulations were brought forth to supposedly limit exposure of vaping to kids and teens. Anti-vapers routinely argue that vaping makes smoking look cool to teens. Parents do not like “adult” things happening near their kids anyway. So, don’t ever vape near children or teens. Don’t vape if kids are in the vicinity to avoid parents complaining later.

Being a Vape Evangelist

There’s a time and place to argue for the cause of vaping. Don’t go around your town screaming all the benefits of vaping. Don’t get into arguments over vaping. Don’t angrily put down anti-vapers in front of others. Basically, don’t be one of those annoying preachers and religiously promote vaping inappropriately. No one likes that, including other vapers.

Vaping at Hospitals and Similar Facilities

Places like hospitals, nursing, homes and nurseries are not places to vape. These areas in general need to be sanitary. Vape clouds can harm people who could be sick, injured, elderly, or very young. So mind the regulations at places like hospitals. If smoking is not deemed appropriate where you are, vaping might not be either.

Vaping at Certain Enclosed Public Places

Vaping might not be explicitly banned at certain enclosed public places like restaurants, shopping malls, and fun parks. However, that does not mean you should vape there. If there are kids present, or the elderly, don’t vape. As a rule, don’t vape if there’s even the slightest chance of vape clouds getting in other people’s faces. Not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for vaping as you.

Vaping Huge Clouds in Public

Similarly to enclosed public places, vaping in general might not be banned in open public places. For example, you might feel it’s fine to vape on the train back home in the evening. Your fellow commuters might not feel the same way. Not everyone is enlightened about the health benefits of vaping. Some people might even mistake your vape clouds for tobacco smoke. Therefore, just be a good citizen and don’t vape just anywhere because you can.


One of the biggest mistakes new vapers make is littering everywhere. Do not discard your batteries, atomizers and coils here and there as you please. Yes, they might be biodegradable, but that’s not the point. Discard your e-cig trash responsibly. Do you like to see cigarette butts on the road? No. Then don’t discard your e-cig trash all over the place either.

Pay careful attention to the above rookie mistakes. Don’t make them yourself.