Box Mods

The vaping industry is still an evolving front. Not too long ago, e-cigarettes were meant to look like actual cigarettes. The first e-cigarettes were designed to look like the average Marlboro, albeit they were a bit longer and artificially lit up at the end. Vapers soon proved that they wanted more from their e-cigarettes than a resemblance to actual cigarettes.

E-cig marketers initially worried that vapers might not like e-cigarettes that looked like complicated devices. Nowadays, the most popular vaporising devices look nothing like actual cigarettes. In fact, the less e-cigs look like actual cigs, the better.

It’s no secret that vaping has increased in popularly across North America and Europe. The e-cig usage rate is hard to ignore, especially for governments. Earlier this year, the E.U. introduced new regulations to control e-cigarette use and production in the newly revised Tobacco Products Directive. Some of the regulations brought forth pertain to the safety of e-cigarette devices.

Vapers are continuously looking for safer and easier to use vaporising devices. Some of the older, elongated devices are becoming too troublesome for modern, busy vapers. In this new reality, a new shape of vaping device has emerged: the box mod.

Box mods are simple vaporising devices shaped like a box. Most box mods look like an elaborate lighter in the hands of a vaper. Box mods are compact, and easy to hold, carry, and use. Because of their shape and size, box mods can have a longer battery life, vary in the charging voltage, control heat, and offer better safety. None of the vape pens or other conventional e-cigs currently offer this many benefits for a single device.

So are box mods the next level of vaping? It could very well be. Box mods are rapidly rising in popularity among experienced vapers. Box mods promise a whole new level of vaping experience. Be aware that box mods are quite new to the market. There are many box mods available, but for most brands, it’s too early to say if they deliver as promised.

A box mod is what the iPod was to the Walkman. They require less work to handle compared to the conventional version. Using it is as easy as pressing a small button. Also, box mods look very stylish and sleek. A box mod can pair quite well with the latest smartphone or another electronic gadget. For the look and functionality they offer, box mods do not come cheap. Interested vapers would have to be willing to pay $100 or more for a box mod.

Box mods are normally sold without the battery and the clearomizer. However, some brands do have in-built batteries, and they might cost a bit more. The clearomizer is the clear, plastic or glass “tank” visible in e-cigarettes. It holds the e-liquid and contains the atomizer that heats up the liquid. The clearomizers bought separately should be attached to the top of the box mod.

Box mods vary in the size of the vapour clouds they produce, and the wattage. The best box mod for vapers who like really big puffs of cloud is really the Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm Tank. It has a coil-based heating system that can create smoke that might win you a vaping competition.

The Jac Vapour Series-B Tilt box mod is the ideal product for those who seek a high-quality product that is also extremely easy to use. It’s also USB chargeable. Aspire Quest Pegasus Mini box mod also offers excellent functionality. If you don’t like changing batteries, the VOX 60 TC comes with an in-built 2600 mAh battery.

More and more box mods are being introduced to the vaping market each day. They will surely get better in the future.