Jimmy White

There are a number of celebrities who vape. Who hasn’t seen Leonardo DiCaprio puffing away at the Oscars? Though it’s common to see movie stars and pop stars vaping away, no one really sees sports stars who vape. Athletics and habits like vaping and smoking don’t go hand in hand. It’s unfathomable even to imagine Michael Phelps lighting up at the Olympics.

Athletes, in general, like to keep their systems clear of any toxic substances that might later show up on a mandatory drug test. So, many athletes never smoke. Therefore, many don’t end up starting to vape either. Pro athletes are extremely health conscious. They eat super healthy foods that the rest of us wouldn’t put in our mouths even with a gun to the head.

However, athletes who vape are not completely unheard of. Here are some famous sportsmen who are known to vape:

Jimmy White

“Superfly Jimmy Snooker”, also known as the “The Whirlwind”, has been seen in public vaping. This Briton is a champion snooker player, which is probably why he can vape without fear. Snooker requires a keen eye, and not great athletic prowess. So, White’s trainer probably doesn’t lambast him for vaping once in a while. The people’s snooker champion used to be a notoriously heavy smoker. Now, he’s switched to vaping to make his life healthier. He is so into vaping now, according to tabloids that he even participates in vaping contests. Chase ‘em clouds, Jimmy.

David de Gea

The famous Spanish footballer who now plays for Manchester United is a surprising member of the vaping community. He has been seen in public with an e-cig. Yes, this pro-footballer shows that vaping is not harming his ability to be a world-class athlete. De Gea has not spoken publicly about vaping. He was not known to be a smoker in the past either. Regardless, pictures don’t lie. Even the world’s top-earning goalkeeper is vaping now.

Danny Califf

Califf was a pro footballer who played with the U.S. soccer team at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. He’s retired now. Apparently Califf is also a vaper. The former L.A. Galaxy star certainly vaped after retiring from pro football. We know this because he was hospitalised last year after an e-cig exploded in his face.

Willie Mack

Willie Mack is best known for his on-screen persona “The Mack” in the wrestling drama series “Lucha Underground”. Regardless of whether wrestling is an actual sport, it does take certain athletic prowess to lift a grown man over your shoulders, even if it is staged. The Mack is not afraid to wrestle and vape. He is, in fact, one of the most visible vapers in the TV sports world, after having been introduced to the activity by a Filipino vape enthusiast. He has also been very vocal about his love for vaping.

Vinnie Jones

Everyone knows Vinnie Jones as the bad guy in some of the best action movies in the past decade. Before Vinnie was a Hollywood A-Lister, he was a national-level footballer in his native England. It’s notable that Vinnie is the first celebrity to endorse vaping. He has appeared in a number of e-cig ads for Kik, becoming the first celeb to be the face of a vaping business. It’s not known for sure whether Vinnie, a former smoker, actually vapes. But his advocacy is encouraging.

If there are other sports stars who vape, they have been able to keep their habit well under the public radar.

If you are a non-athlete, you might be wondering whether vaping is compatible with a healthy lifestyle. Many doctors and public health officials recommend vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking. So if you vape rather than smoke tobacco, then you are one step closer to a healthier lifestyle.

There are also non-pro athletes who vape. There is no research to suggest that vaping impedes athletic performance. However, those who vape and engage in sports might want to take some precautions. For example, vapers who participate in sports are highly encouraged to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. With the puffing of vaping and huffing of exercise, it’s easy for the trachea to dry up. So, drink plenty of sugar-free liquids.

If you switch from smoking to vaping, you will notice that your breathing feels better. You may not go out of breath as quickly as before. This is a good thing. However, do not start vaping excessively just because vaping takes a lesser toll on the body than smoking. Vaping excessively may impede your athletic performance similarly to smoking. So, keep the vaping in moderation.

If you really, really like vaping, as well as sports, maybe you might want to give competitive vaping a try, like Jimmy White. In the community, this is known as cloud chasing. During the competition, pro vapers gather and try to puff the biggest cloud to win. It requires no athletic prowess. But if you are a runner or a swimmer, you might have a slight physical advantage to puff out the biggest cloud.