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4 E-Liquids for £11.99 inc. Free Delivery

Hangsen E Liquid - 4 Bottles of E-Liquid for £11.99

  • Virginia Tobacco has long since established itself as the favourite brand for the traditional roll-your-own tobacco cigarette smokers in the UK. This popularity is reflected here at E-Liquid UK Store with Virginia Tobacco taking the top spot as our best selling e-liquid.

    GET 4 BOTTLES FOR £11.99 inc. FREE DELIVERY (save £2)

  • This is our widely loved Black and Silver Tobacco (lambert) e-liquid that is a big hit which isn't shocking considering it's been the biggest selling cigarette brand in the UK since 2007. Try it today!

    GET 4 BOTTLES FOR £11.99 inc. FREE DELIVERY (save £2)

  • Another highly popular tobacco e-liquid is this B&H juice which some say tastes just like Benson & Hedges, which is one of the bestselling e-cigarette brands in the UK today.

    BUY 4 BOTTLES FOR JUST £11.99 (save £2)

  • Another popular tobacco e-liquid in the UK is this marlboro e-liquid which is a best selling tobacco brand in the UK. If you've had it, you'll understand why it's so popular with our customers!

    Bottle is labelled USA Mix for legal reasons.

    GET 4 BOTTLES FOR £11.99 inc. FREE DELIVERY (save £2)

  • This popular menthol e-liquid is about as good as it sounds and is a fantastic way to give your airways that refreshing vapour hit that you've come to know and love from any menthol e-liquid juice.

    GET 4 BOTTLES FOR £11.99 inc. FREE DELIVERY (save £2)

Jacks E Liquid - 4 Bottles of E-Liquid for £13.99

  • This Virginia Rolling e-liquid by Jacks is premium tobacco juice that tastes just like Virginia Tobacco, the best-selling tobacco brand in the UK. It's a golden tobacco taste like no other, unmatched in flavour or blend by any other e-liquid offered in the UK today!

    Made in the UK and exceeds the EU’s TPD directive which makes it one of the safest e-liquids on the market today. Diacetyl Free.

    BUY 4 BOTTLES FOR £13.99 inc. FREE DELIVERY (save £2)

  • This Heisenburg e-liquid by Jacks is one of the most sought-after e-liquid flavours in the UK. It’s a secret recipe comprising of a delicious fruit juice with a perfect hit of cool menthol that will have you begging for more. Often labelled the daddy of all day vapes, this is an e-liquid you MUST try for its addictive throat hit.

    Made in the UK and exceeds the EU’s TPD directive which makes it one of the safest e-liquids on the market today. Diacetyl Free.

    BUY 4 BOTTLES FOR £13.99 inc. FREE DELIVERY (save £2)

  • This Menthol Sensation e-liquid by Jacks is an upper class, premium remake of one of Hangsen’s biggest selling flavours of all-time. It’s a sweet, icy juice that delivers an extra cooling sensation to the throat like no other e-liquid flavour does. Give it a try!

    Made in the UK and exceeds the EU’s TPD directive which makes it one of the safest e-liquids on the market today. Diacetyl Free.

    BUY 4 BOTTLES FOR £13.99 inc. FREE DELIVERY (save £2)

  • This Blueberry e-liquid by Jacks really does deliver the ultimate, juicy taste of one of the most delicious fruits known to man. Nick Clegg, the former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, is known to vape with Blueberry e-liquid. He’d love this one, too!

    Made in the UK and exceeds the EU’s TPD directive which makes it one of the safest e-liquids on the market today. Diacetyl Free.

    BUY 4 BOTTLES FOR £13.99 inc. FREE DELIVERY (save £2)

Buy 4 Hangsen e liquids for just £11.99

Buy 4 Jacks Premium e liquids for just £13.99

10 e liquid flavours from Cuttwood now in stock.

Cuttwood E Liquid - 10 Flavours Now in Stock

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E-Liquid UK Store

At the E-Liquid UK Store, we stock only the best e-cigarettes and e-liquid in the world at some of the cheapest prices you’re likely to find online. That’s not because our vapour products are of a lesser quality compared with competitors, but simply because we’re happy taking less profit and delivering a better service to you, our loyal customers. You deserve it, don’t you? ;)

We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate online shopping experience – purchasing electronic cigarettes and e-juice from us is simple enough but speaking to a human to get things resolved is even simpler. We love dealing with customers and strive to reply to all emails quickly.

Here are just a few reasons why you should shop with us:

  • E-Cigarettes from Leading Brands like Innokin and KangerTech
  • Genuine Hangsen E-Liquid at Fantastic Prices
  • Free Delivery on ALL Orders Over £10
  • Same Day Dispatch if Order Placed Before 2PM
  • Regular Offers, Competitions and Giveaways for Customers


E Liquid UK

E Liquid UK, also known as E-Liquid, Liquid Nicotine and E-Cig Liquid, is the liquid solution which contains nicotine and produces vapour when using an electronic cigarette. It’s equivalent to the tobacco inside a cigarette, kind of, and the E Liquid is what delivers nicotine to your body when inhaling the vapour that is produced from your e-cigarette. It’s that simple.

Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes enable you to taste and enjoy many different flavours by using e-liquid juices whilst still getting that nicotine hit that your body has become accustomed to and, according to most, it is much safer than normal cigarettes.

We currently stock over 150 great flavours of E-Liquid and continue to introduce new juices every other month. From your Tobacco and Mint to your Fruit and Sweets. We stock lots.

We stock 10ml bottles with 0mg (nicotine free), 12mg, 18mg and 20mg strengths from brands like hangsen, jacks and cuttwood among others.

E-Cigarettes / Starter Kits

E-Cigarettes, also known as Electronic Cigarettes, E-Cigs and Vapour Cigarettes, are devices used to vape with E-Liquid juices – it heats the liquid producing vapour which is then inhaled by you.

We have many E-Cigarette starter kits that are suitable for people who are purchasing their first E-Cig with hopes of quitting smoking, and we also have some of the best starter kits on the market that are suitable for the most adventurous and advanced vapers. View them all here.

All of our e-cigarettes and starter kits are built with quality and taste in mind.

Purchasing an e-cigarette starter kit is the easiest way of making the transition from normal cigarettes to an electronic cigarette as you’ll receive everything you need to get going – a battery, clearomizer and charger at the very least. It’s quick, easy and super affordable!

The iTaste CLK 1280 and KangerTech EVOD are our most popular starter kits right now.

Hangsen E-Liquid UK

Hangsen E-Liquid UK is rightfully regarded as the world’s leading E-Liquid brand because of their real, natural tasting liquids and also because of the stringent health, safety and quality checks that their juices go through before going on sale to consumers which is, of course, very important.

You will come across numerous sites selling Hangsen E-Liquid in the UK, but it’s always worth remembering that you get what you pay for – if it’s too cheap, it’s probably fake.

Real Hangsen E-Juices have “HS” printed on the underside of the bottles.

If we don’t stock your favourite Hangsen E-Liquid flavour then please feel free to email us with your request and, if the demand is high enough for it, we’ll try to get it in stock for you.

E-Liquid UK Free Delivery Offer

We currently have a fantastic offer on our e-liquid which is 4 bottles for £11.99 which includes free e-liquid UK delivery. This means that you’re getting each 10ml bottle of e-liquid for just £3.00 which offers a saving of £2 in total, or 50p per bottle which really can add up over time.

To take advantage of this multi-buy e-liquid offer all you need to do is add any 4 bottles of Hangsen e-liquid to your cart and the discount will automatically be applied during checkout.